Master's Degree Requirements

The Department of Psychology offers two pathways to a master’s degree: in-person or online. Self-motivated students who are pursuing a specific area of study and interested in advancing to doctoral candidacy can participate in our in-person Individualized Master’s Program. Students interested in a career in the social service fields, or professionals working in those fields, can pursue a degree online through our online master’s in psychology program.

Online Master’s in Psychology

The online master’s in psychology program is designed to empower current and future professionals in the social services fields to strengthen communities using knowledge, tools, and skills from psychological and neuroscience research. Courses are fully online, with a curriculum that emphasizes the neuroscience of behavior change, intervention science, program evaluation and implementation science.

This terminal master of science (MS) degree requires 49 credits of coursework distributed over 6 consecutive terms, including summer. Students engage in hands-on research, with flexible options and individualized mentorship designed to advance academic and career opportunities.

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Individualized Master’s Program

The University of Oregon Individualized Master’s Program in Psychology is designed to provide advanced training for a small number of individuals who have a clearly focused research interest and an academic plan. We expect persons entering the master’s program to be highly self-motivated, with the goal of acquiring conceptual and research skills appropriate to their own work plans. Each program of master’s study will be tailored to the individual student’s goals within the discipline, so long as it satisfies core master’s degree requirements.

This program is not designed for general master's level training in psychology, nor can we provide clinical training (practica and skills development) at the masters level.

Individualized Master's Program Description

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