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Department Support: ASU 4
Phone: 541-346-4921

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Department of Psychology  
1227 University of Oregon  
1451 Onyx Street  
Eugene, OR 97403 

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Straub Hall at night

Straub Hall

Straub Hall started life as a men’s dormitory. Its historical exterior houses a modern Psychology learning and research facility. Straub Hall is the home of many Psychology faculty labs, innovative classrooms that allow for flexible learning (including a 500+ person lecture hall), and the Psychology Clinic that serves the community. The Psychology Department shares the building with Linguistics.

Psychology, Lewis Integrative Science building

Lewis Integrative Science Building

The Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB) is home to strategic research clusters centered around interdisciplinary and integrative research missions. Its purpose is to create new synergies across diverse academic disciplines by literally uniting the sciences. The majority of the building is devoted to studying the brain and its functions—specifically cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience and genetics research.

Undergraduate and Graduate Advisors

Jeff Davis  
Undergraduate Coordinator

Phone: 541-346-4952  
Office: 139a Straub Hall  
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Lori Olsen  
Graduate Coordinator

Phone: 541-346-5060  
Office: 137 Straub Hall  
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Jagdeep Bala   
Head Advisor

Phone: 541-346-4953  
Office: 225 Straub Hall  
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Department Leadership

Sara Hodges  
Department Head

Phone: 541-346-4919  
Office: 463 Straub Hall  
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Brice Kuhl  
Associate Head

Phone: 541-346-4983  
Office: 333 LISB  
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Dasa Zeithamova  
Chair of Undergraduate Education Committee

Phone: 541-346-6731  
Office: 325 LISB  
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Paul Dassonville  
Chair of Graduate Education Committee

Phone: 541-346-4956  
Office: 331 LISB  
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Kate Mills  
Chair of Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC)

Phone: 541-346-0475  
Office: 337 Straub Hall  
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