The Department of Biology offers students opportunities to learn and work with scientists who are making important contributions to knowledge. We emphasize research in areas like cellular and molecular biology, developmental biology, ecology and evolution, human biology, marine biology, neuroscience and behavior, and bioinformatics. 

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Guide to Finding Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Our Research Labs

Barber Lab – Evolution of Host-Microbe Interactions
Barkan Lab – Molecular Genetics of Chloroplasts and Photosynthesis
Bohannan Research Group – Microbial Biodiversity
Bowerman Lab – Cytoskeletal Function/Regulation in C. elegans
Bradshaw-Holzapfel Lab – Genetics of Blood-borne Diseases & Climate Change
Cresko Lab – Evolutionary Genomics
Diez Ecology Lab – Population & Community Ecology
Doe Lab – Drosophila Development
Eisen Lab - ZFIN
Emlet Lab – invertebrate Organisms
Galloway Lab – Trophic Relationships
Garcia Lab – Epigenetics
Grimes Lab – Development & Disease
Guillemin Lab – Host-Microbe Interactions
Hallet Lab – Restoration and Community Ecology
Herman Lab – Synapse Formation in Drosophila
Jaralab – Auditory Cognition & Behavioral Flexibility
Johnson Lab - Hypoxia, Genomics, Gene Regulation
Kern-Ralph Colab – Population Genetics
Libuda Lab – DNA Repair
Lockery Lab - Biological Basis of Decision-Making
Louca Lab – Microbial Ecology & Evolution
Maslakova Lab – Evolution of Larval Development
Mazzucato Lab – Cognition and Behavior
McCormick Lab – Systems Neuroscience 
McGuire Lab – Microbial Ecology
Miller Lab – Neural Circuits
Murray Lab – Computational Neuroscience
Niell Lab – Neural Circuits for Vision
Noma Lab – Eukaryotic Genomes
Phillips Lab – Genetic Mutations
Ponisio Lab – Community Ecology and Wild Bee Conservation
Postlethwait Lab – Zebrafish Genetics
Ralph Lab – Population Genetics
Roy Lab – Fungi & Plants
Selker Lab – Epigenetics, Genome
Singh Lab – Evolutionary Genetics
Spero Lab – Bacterial Physiology
Stankunas Lab - Vertebrate Organ Development and Regeneration
Streisfeld Lab – Ecological & Evolutionary Genetics
Sutherland Lab – Plankton
Sylwestrak Lab – Motivated Behavior
Von Dassow Lab – Cell Behavior During Animal Development
Westerfield Lab - Molecular Genetic Basis of Human Diseases
Wood Lab - Biological Oceanography
Young Lab – Marine Invertebrates
Zemper Lab - Gut Science

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

Chris Doe headshot

"In the Doe Lab, my research team and I investigate central nervous system development. The supportive and interactive colleagues in Biology are always willing to help mentor our students, read grants and papers, and provide feedback on lab projects. "

-Chris Doe, Professor of Biology at the Institute of Neuroscience 

people with fieldwork equipment in estuary

Research Across Disciplines

The University fosters collaboration among students, staff and faculty in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Physics and Psychology. Four separate research institutes unite faculty with biological interests into shared lab spaces: 

  • Institute of Ecology and Evolution
  • Institute of Molecular Biology
  • Institute of Neuroscience
  • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

MIchael Sidikpramana portrait

Budding Neuroscientists Grow Here

"The Institute of Neuroscience has been a welcoming and supportive environment to develop my skills as a budding neuroscientist interested in the neural basis of behavior and perception. Faculty and students alike nurture imaginative ideas here, which leads to exciting and rigorous science being done in the department. It has been a pleasure being a member of this scholarly, collaborative, and fun community."

–Michael Sidikpramana, PhD candidate in Biology, 2026

the OIMB research team group portrait on the deck of a research boat at sea

Recent Publications

Recent research by Biology faculty includes a variety of topics relating to deep sea ecology, bees, and sea dragon’s genes. Read about the latest research from our department.

Recent Publications


January 10, 2024
BIOLOGY - Marine biology students searched the Atlantic Ocean for rare organisms that thrive without sunlight. An upcoming IMAX film will document their journey—and, they hope, inspire a new generation of women scientists. Read more in the CAS Connection newsletter.
December 6, 2023
BIOLOGY - A UO study, recently published in the American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, applies the latest molecular and genetic tools to construct a step-by-step map of how colon tissue builds itself, using mice as a model organism.
December 4, 2023
BIOLOGY - University of Oregon postdoctoral fellow Caitlin Kowalski is one of five women to win the 2023 L’Oréal USA For Women in Science fellowship for her work on the fungi genus Malassezia. Kowalski is a mentor for two UO undergraduate students.