Declare or Change Major or Minor

Students interested in declaring psychology as a major should email to start new major orientation. New major onboarding workshops and activities are designed so advisors can help students become familiar with the psychology curriculum, develop academic plans keeping graduation timelines in mind, become aware of resources in the department, and succeed as a psychology major. In addition, students will fill out forms to declare/add psychology as a major.

Students interested in adding psychology as a minor, or dropping the major or minor, should email to make an academic plan and fill out a request form.

When DuckWeb shows psychology as your major or minor, you should be able to register for restricted courses if you have the prerequisites. If you have any questions regarding changing your major or minor to psychology or have problems registering for psychology courses, email the psychology advising team at

Please note: Change of major or minor forms can take up to three weeks to process. Students wishing to declare psychology as a major should meet with a psychology advisor to make an appropriate academic plan for upcoming terms.

Declare the Major or Minor