Career and Professional Development

Our PhD program trains students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers, preparing them for success in a variety of careers. After graduation, most of our students end up in academia. Some students matriculate to post-doctoral positions at institutions such as Harvard and Oregon Health & Science University, with the goal of moving on to a research-intensive university. Others take positions focused on teaching. Students also have taken positions outside of academia, and now work for Adidas or Nike.

Prior to the start of each academic year, the department hosts a Teaching Orientation for incoming students to learn the basics of succeeding in the classroom. The department also hosts a Teaching Academy each term for all faculty and graduate students, to offer continuing professional development.

In addition to the teaching sessions the department hosts a bi-weekly seminar series where faculty invite experts in their area to talk about cutting-edge scientific advancements. This gives graduate students an opportunity to meet with world-class scientists in a smaller group setting, to discuss everything from research ideas to career options.

Alia Yasen, Human Physiology, '18

"My experience teaching in the department was an invaluable part of my graduate education. The opportunity to teach in higher education as a graduate student put me ahead of my peers when applying for jobs in academia, and this experience prepared me well for my current job as an educator."

Alia Yasen,
Human Physiology, ‘18

Graduate Teaching Opportunities

Graduate students can also participate in the Graduate Teaching Initiative through the University of Oregon Office of the Provost. This program offers UO graduate students a structured pathway to develop as university teachers.

Graduate Teaching Initiative