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Neuroscience provides students with a foundation for employment in a broad range of fields, from scientific research and teaching to medicine and other health professions to science-related government, nonprofit, and industry jobs. Professionals trained in neuroscience are playing key roles in many industries and organizations, including: 


The next 50 years are expected to bring major breakthroughs in understanding and treating nervous system illnesses, trauma, and disorders.


Companies worldwide are using the results of neuroscience research to inform their business practices, marketing strategies, and work environment designs.


Neuroscientists are closely involved with developing many cutting-edge breakthroughs, including wearable technology and artificial intelligence.

Mental Health and Wellness

The realization that everything mental has a biological basis in the brain has transformed how society approaches the practice of mental well-being.

Government, Law, and Criminal Justice

Elected officials, governmental agencies, and nonprofit leaders rely on the expertise of neuroscientists to guide public projects, social policies, and even legal cases.


Neuroscience explores how students learn and continues to find new applications in improving educational outcomes for all types of learners.


Potential Neuroscience Careers

A neuroscience major can help you launch a successful career as:

  • Medical scribe
  • MRI technician
  • Occupational therapist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Physical therapist
  • Professor
  • Researcher
  • Science journalist

Current Student Career Plans

Neuroscience major Jake Heinonen

“I have always wanted to be a physician throughout college, but when I switched to being a neuroscience major I started to develop a fascination for the brain that I had not unlocked before. This has led to me considering the pursuit of medical specialties related to the brain like neurology and neurosurgery.”

—Jake Heinonen, neuroscience major, ‘23 

Neuroscience major Nayantara Arora

“I aim to earn an MD to become a practicing physician, and to attain a research-based degree in public health. I see myself exploring health issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease, in conjunction with socioeconomic or climate disparities. I believe the interdisciplinarity of the major has set me up for an ever-changing profession.”

—Nayantara Arora, neuroscience major, ‘24

Neuroscience major Dana Zaidan

“The neuroscience major guided me in taking various STEM courses that introduced me to different areas of study and professions. I noticed that the chapters I was most excited to learn about in my classes involved our sensory physiology, especially in the visual system. This major influenced my decision to apply to optometry schools and to continue conducting research in this field post-graduation.”

—Dana Zaidan, neuroscience major, ‘23