How to Apply

Are you fascinated by the relationship between the brain and behavior?

Do you want to engage in hands-on research that spans multiple scientific disciplines?

The neuroscience major provides well-rounded training through coursework taught jointly by biology, human physiology and psychology faculty. You'll gain a strong foundation in the natural sciences while learning to communicate effectively about neuroscience research and developing quantitative, analytical, critical-thinking, and technical skills.


Incoming Students

The Neuroscience program is the first of its kind in Oregon, offering undergraduates the chance to conduct hands-on interdisciplinary research within this dynamic and growing field. Probe the mysteries of the brain in our cutting-edge labs under the guidance of faculty renowned for their excellence in neuroscience research.

A student looks at computer with MRI scan displayed

Current Students

The Neuroscience program offers rigorous training to prepare you for graduate studies or a variety of professional career paths. As a neuroscience major, you'll engage in hands-on research with award-winning faculty across a variety of academic disciplines. Meet with an advisor to discuss the degree requirements and determine if neuroscience is a good fit for you.

Neuroscience major Breyaundra Woods

Bridging Multiple Research Interests

“The day I heard this new major was official, I told my professor I wanted to sign up. Neuroscience pools knowledge from many different programs, and I think of the major as a bridge that will help undergraduates identify and connect with their specific areas of research interest. Everyone is very excited about the potential to pull people together from different parts of campus and form something like a family.”

Breyaundra Woods, neuroscience major

Scholarships and Funding

Students can seek funding through the College of Arts and Sciences, which awards various scholarships to both incoming students and those who are already attending the UO.