Departmental Advising and Support

All neuroscience advising is provided through Tykeson College and Career Advising. Tykeson advisors can assist neuroscience majors and prospective majors with academic and career questions and planning.

Prospective Majors

Meet with a Tykeson advisor to determine if Neuroscience is a good fit for you. You will go over the degree requirements and if applicable, declare the major.

Current Majors

Meet with a Tykeson advisor at least once per year to confirm that you are making appropriate progress towards the completion of your degree and to explore possible career paths.

Graduating Majors

Meet with a Tykeson advisor during the first term in the year that you plan to graduate to confirm progress toward degree completion and to discuss career plans.

Contact a Tykeson Advisor

Location: Tykeson Hall
Phone: 541-346-9200
MS Teams/Email:

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Program Director

For other inquiries, contact the program director, Dr. Nicole Dudukovic.

neuro-nicole-dudukovic-hirez Nicole Dudukovic
Neuroscience Major Director

Phone: 541-346-7225
Office: 387 Straub Hall
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Why Study Neuroscience?

What’s required to earn a degree? It's all summarized in our major map.

Neuroscience Major Map