Our coursework is jointly taught by award-winning biology, human physiology and psychology faculty to provide well-rounded training. Neuroscience majors take foundational courses in biology, chemistry, human physiology, math, physics, and psychology. Upper-division coursework focuses on three main areas of neuroscience: molecular/cellular neuroscience, systems neuroscience, and cognitive neuroscience.

The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of undergraduate courses in the Neuroscience program.

Featured Courses

BI 170 Happiness Neuroscience & Psychology

PSY 348 Music and the Brain
Instructor: Mike Wehr

This course explores the neural correlates of our perception of tonality, harmony, melody, and rhythm and how these relate to neurobiology, brain damage, and cognitive neuroscience.

neurons with magenta and green dye

HPHY 436 Clinical Neuroscience
Nicki Swann

This course covers neurological diseases and disorders from a neuroscience perspective. The focus will be on applying basic neuroscience principles to better understand clinical practices including patient diagnosis and treatments.

Human brain illustration with hormone biochemical concept background

BI 410 Neurobiology of Motivation and Addiction
Emily Sylwestrak

This course examines the neural mechanisms underlying motivated behaviors and how their dysfunction gives rise to addiction. Topics will include motivated behaviors that fulfill core physiological needs (osmoregulation, energy balance, reproduction) as well as rewarding experiences (food, drug use, social interaction).