Minor Requirements

Biology Minor Requirements

Why study Biology? What’s required to earn a minor? It’s all summarized in our minor map.

A minor in biology requires at least 28 credits of biology including the following:

  • Completion of an introductory biology sequence BI 211 and two of the following three classes:
    • BI 212, 213 or 214 OR
    • BI 281H, 282H, or 283H

Note that one term of college-level general Chemistry (CH 111, 113, 221 or 224H) is a prerequisite for BI 211. BI 281H requires a B- or better in both Math 111 or higher, and CH 223 or CH 226H.

  • 16 credits of upper division BI course work, but no more than 4 credits from BI 401-409
  • 16 credits taken at the University of Oregon (includes main campus and OIMB) All course work must be completed with grades of C-, P or better.

In order to complete the Biology minor, transfer students must have Biology course work from prior institutions evaluated by biology advising faculty.

Questions? Call 541-346-4525 or write bioadvis@uoregon.edu.