Learning Assistants and Graders

Learning Assistants are students who have performed well in our core HPHY courses and return to assist the next cohort of students with mastery-in-course material.  Learning Assistants are crucial to the success of our HPHY courses, so expectations for participants are high.  Learning Assistants develop important professional skills as part of a teaching team led by one of our outstanding instructors. 

Students can apply to be a Learning Assistant for the following HPHY classes if they've completed with a grade of "B" or higher: Medical Terminology (HPHY211), Scientific Investigations (HPHY212), Anatomy I & II (HPHY321, 323), Physiology I & II (HPHY322, 324), Anatomy & Physiology III (HPHY325) and Physiology of Exercise (HPHY371). This includes LA positions with lectures, labs, and as a grader for all terms, including summer.

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*Note: The HPHY Peer Advising Program is currently on hold. Students can meet with, or become, a peer advisor: a junior or senior human physiology major who assists students during drop-in hours.  Peer advisors are a vital component of the department’s advising team as they are trained to assist students with adding the major, interpreting their degree guide, aiding in schedule planning, and developing graduation plans.