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We encourage students to take part in research and offer research opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Undergraduate research assistant volunteer positions pair students with research faculty members or graduate students, offering direct mentorship. Many students acquire letters of recommendation, involvement in authorship, abstracts or papers, and a resource for working on an honors thesis through our research opportunities. Research assistant positions in Human Physiology labs are posted on Handshake, and students serving in these positions are eligible to enroll in HPHY401-Research credits. If you have questions about getting involved in research or earning academic credit email our Director of Internships & Career Readiness, Amy Sibul

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HPHY Undergraduate Research Assistant Stipend

If you are an undergraduate UO Human Physiology major who is working as an unpaid undergraduate Research Assistant (RA) position in a UO Research Lab (HPHY, Neuroscience, Biology, or other related discipline) you may be eligible to apply for a stipend from the Excellence in Human Physiology Fund for the second+ term of your RA position.

Deadlines to apply: 

  • Fall term funding: applications due Aug 15th, decisions made by Sept 1st
  • Winter term funding: applications due Nov 15th, decisions made by Dec 1st
  • Spring term funding: applications due Feb 28th, decisions made by Mar 15th
  • Summer term funding: applications due Apr 30th, decisions made by May 15th

Note: Students cannot be awarded multiple research stipends, fellowships, and scholarships from the UO for the same undergraduate research position. If you have applied for the CAS Experiential Learning Scholarship, O'Day Fellowship, CURE scholarships, etc. you are still welcome to apply here, but will be asked to disclose your other application(s).

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