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A solid grounding in the liberal arts, which includes good communication skills, both written and oral, is an asset sought by most employers. Graduates with a major in physics find employment in the various areas of physics and other physical sciences; in technological and health industries; in financial services; and in computer science, library science, education, communication, law, and medicine. In some of these areas advanced study may be necessary.

Many students who earn a bachelor’s degree in physics continue their studies towards a graduate degree in physics or a related field of natural science or engineering. Students who have demonstrated their abilities with a good record in an undergraduate physics program are favorably considered for admission to professional schools.

Career and job resources for physics degree holders include:

Paulina Nelson

Prepare for Graduate School

“My experience as a part of the UO physics department has taught me many skills and was a fulfilling educational experience. Even with the complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the community my peers and I were able to develop to support one another in our course work and in our social lives was strong. I was fortunate to participate in research in the department that I was passionate about and gave me many skills from practical technician and research skills to how to manage setbacks and uncertainty. I am grateful for my experience in the University of Oregon physics department that prepared me for graduate school in renewable energy systems.”

—Paulina Nelson, BS in physics, '22

Zachary Cross

Develop Career Skills

“My time in the UO physics department was transformative. The hands-on classes and cutting-edge experiments not only deepened my understanding of physics but also equipped me with invaluable problem-solving skills I use in my career today. As an engineer in the semiconductor industry, I constantly draw on the critical thinking and analytical skills I learned in my years in the department.”

—Zachary Cross, physics major, '21

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