Transfer Students

The University of Oregon accepts most academic work taken at other accredited higher education institutions. Students transferring to UO sometimes find that while their previous science courses are group-satisfying, they are not evaluated as equivalent to approved sequences for the multidisciplinary science major. Transfer students need to consult the program director to work out ways of handling deficiencies or to resolve questions about transfer work.

Transfer Evaluations

Transfer courses must be completed with a C- or better to count towards the major.

  • Multidisciplinary science residency requirement: Twenty-four upper-division science credits (i.e. 6 courses) must be completed at UO.
  • UO residency requirements: For information about UO general requirements, including the residency requirement, please see the Registrar’s office Bachelor’s Degree Page.
  • Before requesting a transfer credit evaluation: Check to see if your courses have already been evaluated on the UO Transfer Credit Equivalencies website.

For study abroad courses, use the Global Education Oregon Course Equivalencies tool.

If your courses have not been evaluated, or you feel the evaluations are not accurate, request a transfer course evaluation. If you cannot find the relevant department, contact the department directly to ask about their transfer evaluation process. A list of all UO departments and programs can be found on the Undergraduate Majors page of the UO Course Catalog.

Additional information

The Office of the Registrar has additional information on transfer-related items like transfer student admissions, the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM), and alternative ways to earn credit.