Undergraduate Program

Why Study Multidisciplinary Science?

Multidisciplinary science is a unique area of study that allows each student to design their own academic program in the natural sciences. Students choose their areas of specialization from a broad range of sciences, tailoring their studies to their particular interests and career goals.

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Major in Multidisciplinary Science

One strength of the Multidisciplinary Science program is its flexibility. Students work in cross-disciplinary fields and within various subjects. Examples of cross-disciplinary fields, and the subject-matter areas that might be combined in designing a program, include:

Animal behavior and ethology—anthropology, biology, psychology
Biophysical sciences—biology, chemistry, human physiology, physics
Cognitive sciences—computer science, mathematics, psychology
Environmental sciences—biology, chemistry, earth sciences, geography, physics
Bioinformatics—biology, computer science

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Honors in Multidisciplinary Science

Honors in multidisciplinary science centers on a thesis which is the culmination of research conducted under the direction of a faculty advisor.

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Real-World Experience

Our students gain valuable training in laboratory skills that translate into health profession and industry careers, as well as prepare students for graduate studies. From internships and lab work to conference presentations and study abroad experiences, explore the ways to learn biology in a practical setting.

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What You Can Do with a Multidisciplinary Science Degree

The Multidisciplinary Science program can prepare you to work in many fields. Learn about possible careers and hear from alumni.

Advising and Academic Support

Schedule an appointment with an advisor and get your questions answered.

Departmental Advising and Support

Scholarships and Awards

Explore ways to fund your studies in the Multidisciplinary Science program.

Scholarships and Awards



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