How to Apply

The Multidisciplinary Science program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to design their own academic program in the natural sciences. With courses offered in a variety disciplines across the University of Oregon, our program prepares students for a broad range of careers.

MSI lab

Current UO Students

Multidisciplinary science students learn alongside renowned faculty and have opportunities to design learning experiences that support their interests. When combined with other majors or minors, an MSCI degree can be excellent preparation for careers in law, business, public relations, and many others.

The MSCI program used to be called General Science. To learn more about the differences between these two programs, consult our major requirements.

Students conducting experiment

Incoming Students

Our outstanding program will prepare you for a multitude of options after graduation, including graduate school, research institutes, medicine, or teaching. Through classes and laboratory research, students make strong connections between science disciplines and develop critical thinking in a natural science context.

students and faculty members from the University of Oregon travel to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History’s Archaeology Field Schools.

Scholarships and Funding

Need help funding your studies at the UO? Undergraduate students can seek scholarships from the Multidisciplinary Science program, the College of Arts and Sciences, and other sources.