Funding and Research Support

PhD students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have many resources for securing funding for their studies, including stipends, tuition waivers, low-cost health insurance, teaching fellowships, research fellowships, and additional opportunities through the university. The funding sources listed below are available to PhD students. MS students may find other funding opportunities through the university.

Stipends and Tuition Waivers

All students accepted into the doctoral program receive financial support in the form of teaching and research assistantships unless other arrangements are made. Graduate students receive a twelve-month stipend and quarterly tuition waivers. The student pays minimal fees of approximately $61 each term (fees are subject to change). Stipend levels are adjusted annually to be competitive with those offered by other major institutions throughout the country. Contact our Graduate Program Manager for the current stipend amount (

Health Insurance

In addition, Ph.D. students receive tuition and health insurance coverage at a minimal cost, $50 per term. The Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation negotiates health benefits for grad students at the UO. You can learn more about current coverage on their website.

Graduate Teaching Fellowships

Most first-year students are offered financial assistance through graduate teaching fellowships; research assistantships are typically available for students with advanced standing. These research appointments are funded through grants to the university by federal agencies and private (industrial) sources for support of the basic research programs in the department. Selection for these positions is based on a student’s interest in a particular research area and occurs by mutual agreement of the student and the faculty member directing the work. Research conducted under these appointments is used to satisfy advanced degree requirements.

Considering both the relatively low cost of living in the Eugene-Springfield area compared with many other US cities and our moderate-to-high stipend level, graduate students in chemistry at the UO enjoy a relatively high standard of living.

Graduate Research Fellowships

In addition to teaching fellowships, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry also offers a few research fellowships to PhD students.

Rosaria Haugland Graduate Research Fellowship

Eligibility: This award supports and recognizes individuals from groups that have not traditionally participated in the sciences (especially women) and for whom the award will provide significant support.

Award: Full graduate tuition for three years

Fellowship History

John Keana Graduate Research fellowship

Eligibility: Awarded to an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Award: Full graduate tuition for three years

Fellowship History

Additional Funding Resources

The following organizations offer additional funding opportunities for Chemistry students.