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Research at the University of Oregon is designed to keep student researchers at the forefront of chemical science. Our programs in the traditional areas of biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry lay the foundation for new discoveries in materials science, molecular biology, optics, and theoretical chemistry. Though our department is medium in size, we are a leading innovator in chemistry.

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Doctoral Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry

The primary graduate degree offered by the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is the Doctor of Philosophy. Students will find programs both challenging and rewarding, with ample opportunities for individual training in their chosen field.

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Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry

We offer a traditional master's as well as several internship-based master's programs. Internship salaries can help offset the cost of tuition for students in an internship program; the traditional master's program does not include financial support.

Chemistry graduate student Bella Demachkie

Researching and Effecting Change

"I don't know of any other position I could be in where I'd have the opportunities I'd have here. I get to be part of effecting change, and I also get to do research in a field that I am passionate and curious about."

—Bella Demachkie, Chemistry graduate student

Graduate Courses in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our courses offer rigorous training in a student's chosen field and equip our graduates with the skills to be highly successful in their careers. The highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment allows graduate students to both expand and zero in on their interests across institutes and departments. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Program has divisions in biochemistry, organic/inorganic/materials, and physical chemistry.

Funding Your Graduate Studies

All students accepted into the doctoral program receive financial support in the form of teaching and research assistantships. Most graduate students receive a twelve-month stipend and quarterly tuition waivers.

Funding and Research Support

Chemistry doctoral student Brittany White

Researching in a Collaborative Environment

“I love chemistry. I love making different unique things that can be used for human health or have some kind of downstream effect in biology. Just being able to go to my professors' offices and learn from my peers has let me take everything to the next level. This type of collaborative environment makes the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry unique.”

—Brittany White, Chemistry doctoral student

Prepare for the Professional World

Our program prepares people for careers in laboratories, start-ups, academia, hospitals, and government offices. We offer students a myriad of resources to support them in their professional development.

Career and Professional Development

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Our Graduate Students

The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to supporting our graduate students in their professional development and career goals. In partnership with other groups on campus, we offer a diverse collection of professional development opportunities designed to connect you with information, resources, and people that can help you design a roadmap for success.

Resources for the Graduate Community


Organic/Inorganic/Materials Chemistry Seminar Series
Organic/Inorganic/Materials Chemistry Seminar Series Feb 23 Willamette Hall
Physical Chemistry Seminar
Physical Chemistry Seminar Feb 26 Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall
Health Grad & Career Expo
Health Grad & Career Expo Apr 24 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)