Research Opportunities

Students can work in a host of cutting-edge research labs. We offer over 100 different research topics to choose from. Research provides students with training in experimental methods and logic; allows participation in hands-on research within the lab or in the field that synergizes with coursework; provides skills to secure post-graduation employment; and can help students decide among various career paths. Research experience also fosters kills that are broadly transferable, such as clear oral and written communication, teamwork, organization, and multi-tasking.

Get Involved in Research

Research is vital to the Department of Biology, and as such, we host in-depth information on all aspects of our research on the Undergraduate Research in Biology website:


UO Summer Program for Undergraduate Research

The University of Oregon Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) provides fellowship opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research in Life Sciences laboratories at UO during the summer. SPUR trains students to become creative explorers, to grow further interest in and excitement for science, and to prepare for life science research careers.

Our Research Institutes