How to Apply

The Human Physiology department offers a major in Human Physiology, as well as a doctorate program. Our program provides students with the skills to excel in a career focused on human health, and we offer a variety of upper-division coursework options that prepare students to be successful in the work world.


Incoming Students

Our department is home to the first-ever human physiology Bachelor of Science degree at any U.S. university. We offer students a strong foundation in a broad science curriculum, and provide the fundamental education for a successful career in research or practice in human health.

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Current UO Students

Our Anatomy and Physiology core sequence gives students the fundamental building blocks needed to succeed in the Human Physiology department. Our cadaver laboratory offers human body donors as anatomical models, providing students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience. We also offer a variety of upper-division coursework to ensure students succeed in future educational and career goals.

Graduate Programs

How to Apply to Graduate Programs

We provide classroom and research experiences that allow students to grow into professionals equipped with the tools to be great researchers. Students will graduate with an in-depth understanding of human physiology and advanced research skills. This individualized doctorate program also offers students the opportunity to grow as university-level educators, with a strong emphasis on research.

Scholarships & Funding

Human Physiology offers $18,000 annually in awards and scholarships to students within our major. The deadline to apply for all scholarships is February 1.