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A substantial number of Oregon’s graduate students intend to become college teachers. Most students acquire some teaching experience in the first year or two as teaching assistants. Students who want more experience may arrange a program of practice teaching, supervised by physics faculty members, by registering for credit in supervised tutoring practicum.

We also offer programs for graduate students who are interested in careers in applied physics.

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Stephanie Majewski

Stephanie Majewski
Director of Graduate Studies

Phone: 541-346-5872
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Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program

The Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program helps prepare physicists for careers in industry and government labs. We believe an advanced degree should help you land a job and prepare you for a successful career. Students who successfully complete the program will earn an applied physics master’s degree.

This program includes coursework, professional development, and a 9-month paid internship. The internship salary helps offset the cost of tuition. The program offers focus areas in Optical Materials & Devices or Semiconductor & Photovoltaic Device Processing.

Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program

UO Science Literacy Program

The UO HHMI Science Literacy Program aims to improve scientific awareness and general science literacy of UO non-science majors by enhancing competence in and appreciation of science.

Graduate students can participate in teaching as Science Literacy Program Graduate Fellows. Fellows are directly involved in designing a 100-level science course for non-science majors at the university level, supporting faculty from one of the participating departments (biology, chemistry, earth sciences, or physics) and helping to design curriculum.

The program offers outstanding opportunities to develop educational and communication skills by assisting with course development, lecture preparation, lecture presentation, in-class demonstrations, and office hours. Science Literacy Graduate Fellows will have a portion of their FTE paid by the Science Literacy Program, which is funded in part by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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Fehmi Yasin

Conduct World-Class Research

“The physics department at the University of Oregon afforded me opportunities to perform world class research with scientists around the world. Under the guidance of UO advisors, I was able to build collaborations that jump started my research career and secured me an international postdoctoral position. The communication skills, diversity of research and versatility I developed through these Oregon-led endeavors solidified my resolve to perform cutting edge research at premier institutions around the world.”

—Fehmi Yasin, PhD in physics, '19

Graduate Teaching Initiative

The UO Teaching Engagement Program’s Graduate Teaching Initiative offers UO graduate students structured and rigorous, yet flexible, pathways to develop as college teachers. The program is meant to develop inclusive, engaged, and research-led teachers who will, in turn, help shape the campus teaching culture.

Graduate Teaching Initiative