Departmental Advising & Support

Students with declared majors and minors in the College of Arts and Sciences should seek advice from faculty when they are looking for specific information about their chosen major or detailed information about their major department and its curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Meet Department Advisors

Hayden Harker     
Senior Instructor/Head Undergraduate Advisor     
Phone: 541-346-5630     
Office: 215 Fenton Hall     
Schedule: Monday 12-12:50pm, Tuesday 1-1:50pm, Wednesday 10-10:50am     
Faculty Profile

Tricia Bevans     
Senior Instructor     
Phone: 541-346-4790     
Office: 333B Tykeson Hall     
Schedule: Monday and Tuesday 11-11:50am      
Faculty Profile

Laura Fredrickson     
Assistant Professor     
Phone: 541-346-5628     
Office: 321 Fenton Hall     
Schedule:  Thursday 1-3pm     
Faculty Profile

David Levin     
Phone: 541-346-5621     
Office: 310 Fenton Hall     
Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 3:10-4pm     
Faculty Profile

Chris Sinclair     
Associate Professor     
Phone: 541-346-4701     
Schedule:Tuesday and Thursday 11-11:50am      
Faculty Profile

David Steinberg     
Senior Instructor     
Phone: 541-346-0948     
Office: 333C Tykeson Hall     
Schedule: Tuesday 10:30-1:30pm     
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Math Tutoring

The Math Library offers homework assistance for students in the Department of Mathematics.

Tykeson Hall Advising

Tykeson College and Career Advising is the academic and career advising destination for all students who:

  • Have not yet declared a major, referred to as exploring students
  • Are declared majors and minors in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Are considering another major or exploring other majors

Contact a Tykeson Advisor

Mathematics Library

The university’s main collection of math books and journals is in the math library, located on the second floor of Fenton Hall. Library workers also offer homework help to students in the main reading room. Most of the books and journals are in the stacks behind the reading room, and there is some quiet space to work in the stacks. Browsing through the stacks is a good way to get some idea of the breadth of mathematics.