The Department of Mathematics hosts weekly seminars, the annual Niven Lecture and Morsund Lecture, and other events on topics of interest to our students and faculty.

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Weekly Bulletin (April 22 – 26)

Monday, April 22



Undergraduate Teaching Seminar              
Standards Based Grading            
Speaker - AJ Rise


206 Friendly Hall

Tuesday, April 23



Student Algebra Seminar            
"Representations of Symmetric Group"   
Speaker - Abhilash Mukherjee        


260 Tykeson Hall

Analysis Seminar                  
"On Entropic van derCorput’s Difference Theorem " 
Speaker - Weichen Gu, University of New Hampshire


260 Tykeson Hall

Thursday, April 25



Algebra Seminar                  
"Quantum Wreath Products"  
Speaker - Chun-Ju Lai, Academic Sinica


260 Tykeson Hall