How to Apply

Studying mathematics teaches you to think and communicate in a disciplined and logical manner, which is valuable skill for any human endeavor. Within the Department of Mathematics, you’ll learn from internationally renowned researchers across various areas of mathematics, several of whom have won distinguished teaching awards.

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Incoming Students

The Department of Mathematics endeavors to provide a learning environment where everyone is welcome and appreciated. The field of mathematics has real challenges when it comes to diversity, but for us it is a priority to work on this and improve the situation. One of our departmental priorities is to provide a climate that is equally welcoming towards all genders, races, and nationalities.

Current UO Students

Our department offers many activities and opportunities outside of our regular coursework. The Undergraduate Mathematics Club offers several get-togethers each term, including problem solving sessions, discussion panels, friendly conversations with faculty, or just plain hanging out. The Directed Reading Program is an opportunity for undergraduates to learn a piece of advanced mathematics under the one-on-one mentorship of one of our graduate students.

Get a PhD in Math

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Oregon offers a PhD in a variety of areas of mathematics. The American Mathematical Society has ranked us in the top group of US research departments. Our department has distinguished research groups in algebra, analysis, topology, geometry, probability, number theory, and mathematical biology.


Scholarships & Funding

All PhD positions in the Math Department are fully funded through the Graduate Employee program. We also provide funding for travel to conferences through the Theodore W. Palmer Graduate Student Travel Fund.