Career and Professional Development

As a prospective PhD graduate, you might begin searching for teaching or research positions well before graduation day. Below are some helpful resources for your career and professional development journey.

  • For teaching positions, consider attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) held in January each year, which is a great opportunity for networking and obtaining job interviews. You should also consider giving a 10- or 20-minute presentation. The deadline for abstract submission for is typically in early fall each year.
  • For research positions, consider applying for the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship. The deadline is always the third Wednesday in October. You will need to have a sponsor well before then, so be sure to plan ahead.

In general, job applications are typically due in late October each year and continue for months. Large batches will be due on 11/1, 11/15, 12/1, and 12/15, though some are later. It’s a good idea to start drafting research/teaching statements and getting letter writers during August.

Professional Development

Throughout your graduate study, you will have the opportunity to go to conferences, workshops, and other meetings, which can be a great way to learn about what kind of research is being done outside the University of Oregon.

Summer schools (and other meetings with the word “school” in the title) are particularly valuable resources for graduate students. Many meetings have money specifically budgeted to fund graduate students, sometimes only for local expenses and sometimes for travel, as well. In addition to asking the organizers for funding, you can apply to the Travel Committee within our department.

Travel Funding for Career and Professional Development

To apply for travel funding, submit the following items to the Account Coordinator:

  • Ask your advisor to send an email of support the Account Coordinator. If your advisor has grant money to support student travel, the email must address whether the grant will be used to support part or all of your trip.
  • Complete and submit a Travel Committee Request Form. (Only if requesting travel committee funds. If your advisor has offered to cover the whole trip, please have them include that information in their statement of support.)

Make sure to sign the form before submitting it. After funding is approved, you will have to create a request in Concur. See the Account Coordinator for further instruction if it is your first time or you need a refresher.

Finding Professional Development Opportunities

You may find these websites helpful when seeking out opportunities for professional development:

Graduate Teaching Initiative

The UO Teaching Engagement Program’s Graduate Teaching Initiative offers UO graduate students structured and rigorous, yet flexible, pathways to develop as college teachers. The program is meant to develop inclusive, engaged, and research-led teachers who will, in turn, help shape the campus teaching culture.

Graduate Teaching Initiative