Honors Requirements

Each term, the department identifies graduating seniors who potentially qualify for their degree with department honors. The department contacts the graduates’ research faculty with the opportunity to submit their endorsement.


The criteria used for the selection of students who graduate with Department Honors in Chemistry or Biochemistry are:

  1. A grade point average of 3.5 or above in all graded courses.
  2. A suitable accomplishment in undergraduate research. Specifically, the student will have pursued a research problem for one academic year or longer and have been recommended as worthy of honors (very good or better) by the faculty supervisor. Normally positive accomplishment and publishable results are expected, but not necessarily required.
  3. Endorsement for the designation of a major with honors by a member of the University faculty.
  4. Completion of all course requirements for the B.S. (or the B.A.) degree in chemistry or biochemistry. Waivers or substitutions may be allowed by approval of the faculty.

Phi Beta Kappa Membership

The Phi Beta Kappa Society honors students whose undergraduate academic records fulfill the objectives of a liberal arts and sciences education. Students who achieve the rigorous membership requirements, receive a written letter of invitation as “Members-elect” from the Chapter and the Office of the President.

Phi Beta Kappa