Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Most Department of Physics faculty members belong to one or more interdisciplinary research institutes or centers. Research associated with the centers and institutes mentioned below is interdisciplinary, and it is not unusual to find graduate students in physics studying under faculty members in other departments, particularly biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and mathematics. 

OMQ lab

Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular and Quantum Science (OMQ)

The OMQ promotes and facilitates research and education in the optical sciences at the University of Oregon, wherever optical science is involved in either its fundamental aspects or its technological applications.


MSI lab

Materials Science Institute (MSI)

MSI focuses much of its efforts on the creation and study of new materials and devices, but also addresses more fundamental questions in experimental and theoretical physics.

IMB lab

Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

IMB brings together biologists, chemists, and physicists to explore the principles that define life and govern the activities of molecules, cells, and organisms.

IFS lab

Institute for Fundamental Science (IFS)

This newly formed center incorporates the former Institute of Theoretical Science (ITS) and the former Center for High Energy Physics (CHEP).

Kayla Nguyen

Research in an Inclusive Environment

“As a woman in physics, the University of Oregon provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. I believe that this has helped me become a better scientist and human being because of the support and great role models and mentors that I have in the department. In the future, I wish to give back the same support and encouragement to my students.”

—Kayla Nguyen, assistant professor of physics