Each week, the Department of Earth Sciences invites an expert guest to share their research in a talk that is held on Thursday from noon to 1:20 pm in 115 Lawrence Hall.

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Spring 2024 Weekly Seminar Schedule

April 4: David Grossnickle, Oregon Tech   
Did the ecological radiation of mammals begin at the K-Pg boundary

April 11: Valère Lambert, UC Santa Cruz   
Understanding fault failure processes: Bridging insight from the lab and field through physics-based modeling

April 18: Mai Sas, Western Washington University   
A glimpse into the magmatic system of Middle Sister and South Sister volcanoes, Oregon Cascades 

April 25: Paul Byrne, WU St. Louis   
Europa’s Modern-Day Seafloor is Likely Mechanically Strong and Geologically Inert 

May 2: Simon Carn, Michigan Technological University   
Satellite remote sensing & volcanoes

May 9: Maureen (Mo) Walczak, Oregon State University  
The Pacific and Global Climate

May 16: Anta-Clarisse Sarr, University of Oregon  
Modeling past climate and ocean 

May 23: Morgan Cable, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory   

May 30: George Bergantz, University of Washington   

June 6: Don DePaolo, UC Berkeley  

Winter 2024 Weekly Seminar Schedule

January 11: Ching-Yao Lai, Stanford University   
Changing ice for a warming climate

January 18: Maureen Walczak, Oregon State University  cancelled due to inclement weather

January 25: Brad Lipovsky, University of Washington 
New Earth Science Discoveries Enabled by Distributed Acoustic Sensing

February 1: Rajashree Tri Datta, University of Colorado   
Tracing Extreme Events from the Ocean to the Surface of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

February 8: Max Rudolph, UC Davis   
Cooling cracks and the origin of Enceladus' "tiger stripes"

February 15: John Cottle, UC Santa Barbara   
New Perspectives On The Tectonic Evolution of the Himalaya

February 22: Doug Toomey, University of Oregon, Oregon Hazards Lab    
Team OHAZ: Accomplishments, Aspirations, and Alliances

February 29: Melodie French, Rice University   
Geology and Deformation at Slow Slip Conditions in Subduction Zones

March 7:  Ignacio Sepulveda Oyarzun, San Diego State University   
Unveiling the role of unconventional tsunamigenic sources and compounding processes in tsunami hazard assessments

March 14:  Rachel Abercrombie, Boston University
Probing fault stress heterogeneity using spatio-temporal variation in earthquake source properties