Experiential Learning

Ready to get your hands dirty? We encourage all students in the Department of Earth Sciences to apply their skills both in the lab and out in the field through internships, field camps, authentic research and many other experiential learning opportunities.

Group of students sitting on a trail

Apply Your Skills in the Field

Gain practical experience applying your Earth sciences knowledge in the field through one of our two-week summer field camps or explore one of the many internship opportunities available for Earth science majors.


Students looking at rocks

Get Involved in Research

Work side-by-side with world-class scientists conducting original research in one of our cutting-edge analytical, experimental, and computational facilities. Our faculty are involved in a wide range of research projects, and many of them encourage undergraduate students to join their group and get involved.

Research Opportunities

Student standing in front of project

Share Your Work

Ready to share your work with the world? Discover opportunities for presenting or publishing your original academic research.

Publications and Creative Work

Student taking a picture of a bird

Travel and Study Around the World

Studying STEM subjects in another part of the world broadens your perspective and helps you develop new skills. Students in the Department of Earth Sciences can complement their major through numerous study abroad opportunities.

Study Abroad

Network with Your Peers

Connect with other students in the Department of Earth Sciences and across the UO campus by getting involved in one of our many student groups.

Student Groups