Want to gain a competitive edge in your future career? Internships can help you develop valuable job skills, gain practical work experience, and explore potential career paths—all while learning in a real-world environment. Many Earth sciences students seek internships from the following sources:

Get Help Finding Internships

The University of Oregon Career Center provides career and job search assistance, offers strategies for choosing a career, and helps connect students with local and global internship opportunities. Students participating in internships can earn up to 12 upper-division credits in a 10-week term.

IE3 Global Internships

Would you like to earn internship credits toward your major while living and working abroad? The IE3 Global program offers internships at over 100 different organizations in 50 countries, where students can earn credits toward their major or university requirements.

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Attend a Career Fair

Career, internship and job fairs occur throughout the academic year. Stop by to discover opportunities within your area of interest.

Upcoming Career Events